What Do You want Mos?
Hello! We are Karina, Mylin, and Mandy, big fans of Mos Wanted Crew. This blog is dedicated to the wonderful amazing group of choreographers who have appeared on the seventh season of America's Best Dance Crew. Please refrain from using any sort of profanity or negativity on our page. Please respect Mos Wanted Crew and anyone associated with them.

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Imagine: You were going through some tough times with your family. You were gone away at college, so it made it even harder. You had your boyfriend JP that was always there for you, but you felt like you were dragging him along with you so you thought it was time to let him go, so he didn’t have to deal with your problems. You finally meet up with JP told him you thought it was better you two went your separate ways. “are you kidding me?” he said with tears in his eyes. “You don’t love me anymore? Or what? I don’t understand” he whimpered. “No, I love you so much…I’m, just tired of being a drag, and bringing you down with me, so-“ he interrupts you. “Cat, as long as you love me, we could be going through hell and back, but as long as you love me, there will be nothing that ever breaks this bond and love between you and I, do you understand me Cat, no matter what, its me and you” he held your hands to his face, wiped your tears away, and softly kissed your cheek.