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Hello! We are Karina, Mylin, and Mandy, big fans of Mos Wanted Crew. This blog is dedicated to the wonderful amazing group of choreographers who have appeared on the seventh season of America's Best Dance Crew. Please refrain from using any sort of profanity or negativity on our page. Please respect Mos Wanted Crew and anyone associated with them.

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To our followers,

We deeply deeply apologize for the lack of posting Mos Wanted Crew information, pictures and more on here!

Unfortunately, all three of us are far too busy to keep up with this blog.
This blog will remain up, but unfortunately we will be inactive. We are hoping to come back sometime in the near future and update for everyone again.

Again, we are very sorry! Please keep showing support to our fellow Mos Wanted Crew boys on their social networks.

If you would like to have more MWC posts on your timeline, you can follow Mandy at her tumblr: liveinspired-lidf as she updates it daily.

Thanks for following us and sticking with us! We appreciate it.

Sorry for not updating these past few weeks! We are all so busy with school/summer vacation that we have not had time to come on here and post the IG photos that MWC has been posting. We will resume with that soon!

AFX Dance | Ken-Ya Dance SoCal 2013 [Official]

Hey there! Could you help me out real quick? My brother dances for a team up in UC Berkeley and they are currently in fifth place. If they get in the top 3, world renowned choreographers will comment on their piece. They need all the feedback that they want! I will make sure to make a follow list for everyone who votes if they just send me a quick message! Pleaseeeeeee help out. It would mean the world to us. There should be a like button under the video on the link that I provided.



Originally I thought I was going to film the most special and personal concept I could ever do. Complications began to arise that almost prevented this release, but things started to appear much clearer as things started to fall apart.

The answer was there in front of me the whole time, and it just so happens to be the most reoccurring lyric in the song - reflecting. I had no clue how powerful that “you” time can be, and the places it can take you. I remember Ian telling me - after I demonstrated this piece to one of my classes ” I don’t know what you’re actually thinking about, but whatever it is, I’ve never seen you so happy.” In the end I realized what this piece and this video actually means to me.

And I think that’s how I’m going to keep it - to myself. Not everything needs to be an open book. Not everything should be a kiss and tell story. Sometimes it’s much more special and valuable to hold it in your heart than the world. When the time comes. Thank you.

This is one of my favorite pieces by Brian. He choreographed to my favorite song and it was just beautiful. I swear he just continues to improve every single day. We’re so proud of you Brian.


Check out my new video to ‘Mirrors’ by JT. 

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-Brian Puspos

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Mos Wanted Crew | World of Dance | FRONTROW | #WODNY 2013